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Secondary Lymphoedema

This lymphoedema (lymphedema) has become quite an epidemic throughout the whole world.

secondary lymphedema

Medical conditions such as heart attacks, brain haemorrhages, strokes, diabetes, and a major one CANCER. All of these medical conditions can present swelling in and around the body.

  • Post-surgery from an accident
  • Cancer and node dissection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation


An example of Secondary Lymphoedema.
The fluid in the leg had been there for so long it became thick and hardened (Fibrotic).

After 3 days of M.L.D.T.(Manual lymphatic drainage treatment), the leg reduced in size considerably. 

She continues to wear a lower garment every day to keep the swelling at bay.



secondary lymphoedema



This is another form of Secondary Lymphoedema from an Infection in a cracked heal. The client nearly lost her lower leg from this infection. Lucky for her they managed to heal the infection in time saving the limb. The infection however left the leg with chronic swelling from all the lymphatic damage to the leg. M.L.D.T. (Manual lymphatic drainage treatment), reduced the swelling in this leg and the lady wears a compression stocking every day, and her leg and foot are now back to normal size.

OedemaThe lymphatic system plays such an important role aiding the immune system to help fight diseases and infections. Having regular Lymphatic Massages along with a low acidic diet, also helps detox the lymphatic system helping to improve the work of the immune system.