Lymphoedema Academy Of Australia Pty Ltd

On-Line Consultation for Lymphoedema….Lipoedema….Lipo-Lymphoedema with “SKYPE”

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, being able to have face to face help at home on your computer.

Consultations are for Ladies, Men and Children of all ages.  

Don’t feel left out anymore.    

Not everyone has a Lymphoedema Practitioner within driving distance from their home.

You may not be able to drive to a clinic…… 

It is ok, we are coming to you, giving you the help, with empathy and compassion that you deserve.

Time is often an issue in our Health System, and the patients are missing out on what they need to know to improve their lymphatics with self help at home.

It is our pleasure to offer this unique program to all of those in the community that are suffering with either Lymphoedema, Lipoedema or Lipo-Lymphoedema.

(The L.A.A. Pty Ltd is donating $5.00 from every consultation to the L.A.S.S. Association to help with their on- going voluntarily work they offer to all Lipoedema ladies.

The L.A.S.S. have helped so many ladies Australia wide and further with their endless help, knowledge and research. It is our pleasure to support them.) 

Registering is easy, click on REGISTER HERE below.

Complex Decongestive Treatment consists of:

Manual Lymphatic Sequence
Facilitates elimination of congestion in the KEY, lymph nodes.  
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Helps shift excess fluid from a swollen limb.  
Compression bandaging
Is often needed to help assist in the further reduction of the swollen limb.  
Medical Compression Garments
Professionally fitted garments are needed in most cases for maintenance.  
To promote lymph transport within the body.


Face to Face On-Line Consultations are now available on "SKYPE" for home help with reducing fluid

Register below to make an appointment.

  • A Qualified Lymphoedema Practitioner trained by the Lymphedema Academy of Australia, will contact you to discuss a suitable appointment time
  • Initial consultation is up to 1-1/2 hrs

 This will include:
**** Documenting your medical history
**** Discussing your condition and maybe a Dr’s referral will be required
**** Demonstrating the Manual Lymphatic Sequence
**** Showing you how to do your own Drainage on your swollen limb to shift excess fluid
**** Sitting at a desk or table with a pillow and a second chair will be sufficient to do  your practical work with
**** Some easy basic exercises to improve lymphatic flow
**** Advice with compression garments if needed
Further appointments can be made to follow up with extra online treatments with your practitioner.

A DVD is available to purchase with a copy of the Sequence, Drainage and Exercises

To register for your online appointment you will need to have access to the internet and go online and down load SKYPE.  You will then open up your personal SKYPE name.

  • Your SKYPE name needs to be entered on the Registration Form.
  • All clients need to read and acknowledge the terms and conditions before submitting the registration form.
  • Every effort will be taken to ring you within 5 working days on receiving your Registration Form to make your online appointment.
  • Where possible, you will always work with the same practitioner, unless you contact us requesting a different practitioner. 
  • PLEASE WHERE POSSIBLE HAVE THE ROOM QUIET AT YOUR APPOINTMENT.  TV and loud noises in the background will interfere with hearing your practitioner through the speakers on your internet device.
  • The beauty of an online consultation is, it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, you are only a phone  call away from face to face professional help.

The following conditions can all be helped with Complex Decongestive Therapy treatment.

  • Lymphedema
  • Lipo-Lymphedema
  • Lipoedema

The sessions are not hard to follow or understand, the practical work is very easy to do.

Sadly clients are still not receiving the correct advice on caring for their swollen limb.  

Information is essential to help prevent lymphoedema after surgery where possible. It is sad that in our Health System today, this knowledge is still missing and so many Doctors don’t have the information needed on lymphoedema, Lipoedema and properly fitted compression garments.